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Jamie Cross

York, PA
Hi, I'm Jamie, and I'm an art student, cosplayer, and video game enthusiast. My favorite games are League of Legends, Overwatch, Undertale, Skyrim, Animal Crossing, and Rhythm Heaven. I also grew up watching a lot of anime, which is something that is still very near and dear to my heart.
I started exploring cosplay when I was in high school. Nowadays, I have quite a few under my belt! Some of my best are Tristana from League, Frisk from Undertale, an AC villager, Totoro, and Ema Skye from Ace Attorney. I'm an ametuer seamstress with limited access to/skills on a sewing machine, so what I do sew is by hand. I try to hand make at least one thing from every cosplay I do.
If you wanna check out my art, there's some stuff on my instagram, @jamielynncross. For tweets about League ranging from mildly chill to all caps, check me out @Beebeegr8 on twitter.
I'm so excited to be hosting the League of Learners panel with my lane/life partner, Jerrod, at zenkai 2017! We'll be hosting a podcast soon where we go into more depth about the material we're covering, tentatively called BBQueue! If the first one's up before the con, ayyyy check it out. If it's not, uhh look on my twitter for updates.
Lastly, feel free to approach me! I'm v shy, so I know how hard it can be to talk to people without an invitation. But If you have a LoL question that wasn't answered at the panel, or you wanna talk to me about literally anything, feel free to!

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